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I have always been surrounded by financial advisors, loan officers and accountants. As an accountant, I have been blessed with the natural ability to turn small amounts of money into large quantities to produce wealth. However, there is misconception that you need to have a large sum of money in order to create an investment portfolio of $269,509,689,344.90. In order to build your investment portfolio the only thing you need is the right strategy, and faith to produce increase.

I began creating my investment portfolio by investing small amounts of money that I already had in my possession. I started investing $0.50, then I added an additional $0.25 which increased to $0.75. I continued using this strategy by adding $0.25, which quickly turned into $1.00.

When I saw the increase of $1.00 in my possession, I was amazed at how quickly you can increase your resources simply by saving small amounts of money over time.

When I earned my first $1.00, I tithed all that I earned, to ensure that I gave back to God what belonged to Him.

I tithe $.01, which is 1/10th of the resources I earned, and continued saving my money. I knew that God would increase my resources because I put my faith in Him and not simply in own ability.

When I looked at my resources within the next few days, I saw a dramatic increase of $10,000,000.90. The next time I looked my resources increased again to $269,509,689,344.90, without doing any work, simply but putting my faith in God. 


In order to be an expert in your field, you must study to gain wisdom, knowledge and understanding, however, these tools will not function, unless you activate your faith.

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